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Champion Billiards was first released by SEGA for their SG-1000 console and developed by legendary Japanese company COMPILE, creators of the Puyo-Puyo and Aleste series.

The game was never released for any other platform than the Sega's early console.

Now, the game has been ported to the MSX system, an old 8bit computer that was once the preferred gaming platform for millions of users in Japan and Europe.

Champion Billiards is a creative pool game featuring 50 different tables, each table having an innovative geometry.

Furthermore, some tables have ramps and other unusual elements that make this game unique on its own.

Balls can crack open after a number of impacts (depending on the ball colour). When cracking, some balls will reward you with an extra life.

This game is a personal tribute to the legendary AII team from Compile:  Kenji "Lunarian" Shintani, Takayuki "Jemini" Hirono,  Satoshi "PAC" Fujishima and Masamitsu "MOO" Niitani.

Release date Jun 20, 2020
Tags8-Bit, billiards, Cult Classic, msx, pool
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Joystick
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Install instructions

This game is provided as a .ROM file for MSX computers. The file can be stored in a cartridge such as the Carnivore 2, GR8NET or others. It can also be launched with ODO.com, SofaRun, loadrom.com, etc.

If you do not own an MSX computer, any MSX emulator can be used. We recommend you BlueMSX:   http://bluemsx.msxblue.com/download.html


MSX Champion Billiards.zip 1 MB